Autoglym Clean Wheels 500ml


Autoglym Clean Wheels 1L quickly and safely removes brake dust, road grime and dirt from your wheels. The advanced spray on, brush and rinse off formula is safe to use and leaves wheels gleaming. Carefully balanced cleaners remove dirt and dust without harming metal, lacquer or paintwork. Also for use on painted, lacquered, steel and plastic finishes


Autoglym Clean Wheels 500ml Extra Info

    • Safe and easy to use
    • Powers through brake dust quickly
    • Leaves a gleaming finish
    • Use on alloy, lacquered, painted, steel and plastic finishes
    • If you have chrome, unlacquered, diamond cut or anodised wheels use Custom Wheel Cleaner


    Your 3 Step Routine

    1. Clean with Autoglym Clean Wheels
    2. Polish tyres with Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing
    3. Protect wheels from brake dust with Autoglym Alloy Wheel Sea

    Autoglym Clean Wheels 500ml


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