STP Professional Series Heavy Duty Brake Parts Cleaner - 500ml

Reduces brake noise and cleans without disassembly.

STP® Professional Heavy Duty Brake Parts Cleaner assists in the prevention of uneven braking, noise and chattering by quickly dissolving and washing away lining dust, brake fluid, oily road film and grit to leave brake surfaces clean, without disassembly. Uneven braking, noise and chattering can be caused by brake shoe and pad lining dust, brake fluid seepage, and slippery road film that contaminates brake drums and discs. STP® Professional Heavy Duty Brake Parts Cleaner's formula will help improve brake action for smoother and more dependable performance.



Remove wheel or brake drum as needed. Place a drip tray underneath the work area.

Shake well. Hold can upright. Spray liberally onto the surface to be treated and allow contaminated liquid to drain into the tray. Agitation with a brush will assist in the removal of heavy or stubborn contamination.

Flush spray until all contamination has been removed and wipe away excess with a soft clean cloth. Always work under well ventilated conditions, taking care to avoid vapour inhalation.


OTHER USES: May also be used to degrease metal assemblies quickly and safely.

STP® Professional Heavy Duty Break Parts Cleaner is suitable for drum brakes (linings and shoes, drums, cylinders and springs), heavy duty disc brakes (calliper units, brake pads and rotors), clutch assemblies and plates.

TAKE NOTE! Avoid spraying or dripping on decorative substrates, where coatings may be affected and on plastics or rubber components. IMMEDIATELY flush with water if contact occurs

STP Heavy Duty Brake Parts Clean 500ml


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