Tetrosyl BSS001 Brushable Seam Sealer 1Kg


Brushable Seam Sealer is a synthetic rubber based sealant which protects overlap seams against dust and water penetration. Permanently flexible Brushable Seam Sealer offers excellent non slumping characteristics making it ideal for horizontal or vertical joints.

Directions For Use 

  • Using a nylon bristle brush, apply a smooth even coat. 
  • Always brush in the same direction. 
  • Never apply more than two coats
  • 2 hours to dry at 20°C 
  • Brushable seam cleaner when fully cured may be overcoated with nitro-cellulose, acrylic or synthetic refinishing paint systems 


Always ensure the surface to be treated is suitably prepared, and fully degreased with Tetrosyl Compliant Panel Wipe.


Tetrosyl Gun Wash


Store in a cool, dry place

Tetrosyl brushable seam sealer 1L


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